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What is Language FōN?
Language FōN is a telephone interpretation service offering immediate 24 x 7 access to over 150 languages via a toll-free number. It is supported by over 1,200 professional, certified linguists with an average connect time of 30 seconds. And ó with our Pay-As-You-Go Fee Structure ó you pay only for the interpreter minutes you use rounded up to the nearest second.

How does Language FōN work?
Itís User-friendly - There are 3 easy steps to access an interpreter:
  1. Dial the Language FōN Toll-Free Number.
  2. Enter Your Access Code.
  3. Enter the Language Code or dial "0" for a Customer Care Representative.

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Language FōN is a service of ASET International Services Corporation
For additional information, please contact a service representative at 1-800-787-8726 or by email at

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